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Master, Watch me now!

Chipp Zanuff
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Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 148 lbs.
Blood type: B
Eye color: Red
Birthday: February 9
Birthplace: America [Insists on Japan]
Hobbies: Dreaming
Likes: Sleeping pills
Dislikes: Nightmares, The Mafia/Yakuza
Risk rating: B

Personality: Short in patience and long in fighting spirit, Chipp takes a survival-of-the-fittest approach to life, and looks for the easy way out of everything except fighting, where his strategies are always exceptionally well thought out. Chipp often flies into rages over trifling matters, although he's been working hard to keep his temper in check under his former master's admonitions. He wishes he help others more often. Has a keen interest in Japanese culture from his former master, and possesses an image of Japan that has little to do with reality.

Biography: Orphaned and living on the streets, Chipp was addicted to drugs at a very young age. In order to secure a regular supply of them, he became a dealer for the Mafia. Yet after years of punishing his body with all manner of narcotics, he finally broke down and was to be "disposed" of by the organization. However, his life was saved by a mysterious Ninja. Realizing his huge debt to this master, Chipp became a student at the Ninja's dojo and was trained body and soul in the ways of the Shinobi.

And yet one day, Chipp returned to find his master near death, having been attacked by the Mafia.

"Master Tsuyoshi! Damn! Who did this to you?! The Mafia?! I will not forgive them!!"

"Chipp...your opponent is an entire organization...You can't do anything to them. Promise me, Chipp...you will walk away...and live your...own...life..."

The Ninja master Tsuyoshi passed away with a smile.

"Master...I cannot honor such a promise. I'll enter that tournament we heard of...form my own group, my own organization...and take the Mafia down!"

Post Tournament: Unable to reach the final rounds in the Tournament, he learned that his heart, skills and strength were still lacking, and devoted himself even more to his training. Upon witnessing Justice's death, Chipp realized that deep down, even this monster that massacred countless people was searching for help. This made him think about what a true helping hand was. Now, he is once again ready to do battle for that which might truly save him, and so, he focuses his interest on the story of the Gear.

Credit: Personality and Post Tournament biography copied from: Guilty Gear.Ru Project. Biography copied from: Guilty Gear "The Missing Link" instruction manual. Chipp Zanuff is a character from the video game Guilty Gear and is the property/trademark of Daisuke Ishiwatari and Atlus/Sammy-Sega/Arc System Works.

Thank you estranger for donating icons.